Proper Maintaining of Equipment is Required

Once a restaurant kitchen is fully equipped with the necessary items, it is important to ensure the proper maintaining of all of the items. Include the following in the maintenance of all types of kitchen equipment:

* proper cleaning; find out the correct cleaning methods to use on each item. This will lead to a long and productive life for your kitchen equipment
* periodically check the gaskets and hinges on the cooking equipment to ensure it is all sealed and in good working order

* be mindful of any excess build-up; keeping any excess build-up off the burning elements will raise the overall energy efficiency of the kitchen
* check refrigeration gaskets to maintain strength in the seals while ensuring proper temperatures

* monitor all filter baskets for proper water drainage

* follow sanitizing instructions

* be sure to clean behind all appliances; it will be important to pull out appliances at least twice a year for cleaning. Give all areas behind the appliance a good cleaning and dry off all areas well too

Keep in mind, all of your restaurant appliances are going to last longer, produce better and will look appealing when good maintenance is included.